Serdar Oztop | Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer

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Guitarist Producer

Yine Düştük Yollara available on music streaming services. Links right below 👇



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Serdar Oztop Anatolian Rock Orchestra Concert at CRR

Serdar Oztop Anatolian Rock Orchestra made a magnificent start with the concert titled “Inspiring Bards” hosted by Directorate of Orchestras of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality at famous Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall on December 14th 2023. A repertoire consists of orchestral arrangements made by Serdar Oztop for well known songs ot the 3 famous bards of …

Gençlik Marşı ve Gençliğe Hitabe is released

I’ve recorded this anthem for the Youth and Sports Day of the 100th year of Turkish Republic. I hope it raises moral and courage on these critical days our country is going through. You can listen/watch the work by clicking the links below.


Known as one of the best guitar players of Turkey, he released 2 solo albums consist of instrumental rock guitar tunes flavoured with authentic Turkish musical ideas and playing techniques. He also has been working with popular artists and bands as a producer and engineer.

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Turkey Today (Sonoton – APM)

Project / 2018

On this album which is a part of the authentic series of the German label, Sonoton, I was hired as a songwriter and a producer. I composed and produced vocal and instrumental pieces in the popular genres of Turkey.


1. Bizim Aile
2. Sen ve Ben
3. Herkes Kendi Yoluna
4. Evlere Şenlik
5. Deli Hamsi
6. Ramazan Geldi
7. Lise Yılları
8. Son Kadeh

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