My New Cover Yine Düştük Yollara Is Here!

I made a new arrangement for a classic song of the rooted Turkish band Bulutsuzluk Ozlemi, which I have played together in the beginning of 2000’s. This one man band production, as it has been the same on all my works lately, will be available on all digital music stores in 2 weeks. Before that, I wanted people that follow my website to hear it first as a sign of my appreciation. I would be delighted to see your comments under this post. Have fun and thank you!

D'addario Endorsement

Time to try @daddario_strings XT series provided by @4cmusic.?I am grateful to be offered this endorsement deal.? Beforehand, I’ve used a single set of @elixir_strings poliweb series provided by @senkopmuzik for 2+years without any degradation of sound and  performance. We’ll see how long this newcomer will last for?

Live @ The Wall Saloon Kadikoy, 19 Feb 2020

Playing with my band on Feb 19th at @thewallsaloon in Kadikoy. Super entertaining setlist of my originals and wellknown songs from artists or bands that I’ve worked with.

Starting time is 21:00 sharp and ends at 23:00. So you can go to bed early for work tomorrow morning. Be there at least half an hour ago. See you there…

My Little Wing Cover is Here

Here is my cover version of an unforgettable Jimi Hendrix song, Little Wing. I’ve played all instruments, recorded, mixed and mastered the song in my studio in Istanbul.

Thanks to Ferhat FIDAN and Serdar Emre UNSAL for their assitance during the drums recording session, and Bugra AKOZEK from Fabien Media for not liking the footage I recorded during the sessions with my phone and providing me a super clean video.

Lead guitars are recorded thru a Nux Cerberus directly connected to the preamp; no amps, no mics…Rhythm guitars are recorded thru an AxeFx ii.

I hope you like it. Please don’t forget to subscribe my website and Youtube channel.