Hotel California Solo Cover

Here is my cover version of the solo parts for the legendary The Eagles song.
I remember how I kept asking around which pedal I should buy to get that sound when I was a beginner. At some point you realise that it’s not about the pedal :))

Having said that, it’s a Nux Cerberus and Sculpture 😉

I hope you share the fun 🙂
#Eagles #HotelCalifornia #serdaroztop #guitar #solo #rock #blues #drums #drumming #bass

3 thoughts on “Hotel California Solo Cover”

  1. Offff yine döktprmüşsün Seto!!! Ellerine sağlık! 👍👏👏👏💕✨ yalnız sosyal medya storylerdeki paylaşımında YouTube’a link de koy hacı. Herkes link koyuyor, kaydırmalı.
    Süpersin! 👍

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