Onur Özaydın – Yalan Yok

Onur Özaydın has been drawing attention lately for his role in a prime time TV series, Yargi and now he is taking another step as a singer/songwriter with his new single, Yalan Yok. As usual, I took care of the whole production and performed many of the instruments.

Fatih Solak – Melankoli

Here is the first video from Berliner musican Fatih Solak’s debut EP which I have played all instruments and completed the studio production. Please subscribe the channel and leave comments and likes🙏

The EP is available on all music platforms 🎶

[tr:] 2 Kişilik Hırgür[en:]Dèlire à deux


Işıl Kasapoğlu’nun 2 Kişilik Hırgür olarak Türkçe’ye çevirip yönettiği, Eugene Ionesco’nun Dèlire à deux adlı eserinin müzik ve ses tasarımını üstlendim. Premier, Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu ve Reha Özcan’ın usta oyunculuğu ile 20 Kasım’da Ankara Çayyolu Cüneyt Gökçer Sahnesi’nde gerçekleşecek.


I had the privilage of composing music and designing sound for Turkish version of Eugene Ionesco’s Dèlire à deux, translated to Turkish and directed by Işıl Kasapoğlu. The play starred by seasoned actress and actor, Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu and Reha Özcan will be premiered in Ankara Çayyolu Cüneyt Gökçer Sahnesi on November 22th.

Onur Özaydın’s New Single

Sympathetic actor and writer of heart warming songs, Onur Özaydın is taking another step in his musical career with his second single which is again produced by me. This time, I had the privilege of releasing the song as his label.

To listen on Spotify:

To listen on Apple Music:


Debut EP of Kizil Gemi is released by Öztop Music

Kızıl Gemi, is a studio project band that consists of professional musicians to record original songs written by singer and guitarist Onur Beden. Debut EP is available on all stores by Oztop Music.

Onur Beden: Vocals, rhythm guitar, compositions
Serdar Öztop: Lear guitar
Caner Üstündağ: Bass guitar
Gencay Kıymaz: Drums

Kızıl Gemi YouTube:


Kızıl Gemi Spotify:

Kızıl Gemi Apple Music:


#CandırOrası #KızılGemi #ÖztopMusic #Rock #TurkishRock

May 19th, The Youth and Sports Day Music Challenge

I’ve recorded an instrumental rock version of popular anthem, Izmir Marsi and decided to share 1 minute playalongs with all amateur/professional musicians to turn it into a musical celebration. You can use the links below to download backing tracks both in audio and video form prepared for different instruments and vocals.

We will be actually playing together if you can record your performans in video and combine yours and mine in a split screen using a video editor or video collage apps. It can also turn into a viral celebration if you share them on social media by tagging me as @serdaroztop and using hashtags like #19Mayis #Challenge #IzmirMarsi

For vocal and lead instruments:


For drummers:


For bass players:


Have fun and don’t forget to signup my blog!

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day for all mothers!

I wanted to share this 20 years old song I have written for my mother after she passed away as a memory of the day.

Love and respect…

My New Cover Yine Düştük Yollara Is Here!

I made a new arrangement for a classic song of the rooted Turkish band Bulutsuzluk Ozlemi, which I have played together in the beginning of 2000’s. This one man band production, as it has been the same on all my works lately, will be available on all digital music stores in 2 weeks. Before that, I wanted people that follow my website to hear it first as a sign of my appreciation. I would be delighted to see your comments under this post. Have fun and thank you!

A Tribute to Eddie Van Halen and Michael Jackson

Eddie was a musical pioneer for many guitarists and he will always be remembered with his passionate, smokey solos and his smiling face. On this bit of my multi instrumental cover series, I wanted to pay a tribute to the two legends of music. I don’t know if it is the covid lockdown, but I couldn’t stop myself having fun. I hope you like it, too.

Lead guitars are recorded with my long time custom six string through a Nux Cerberus.
Rhythm guitars are Yamaha D6 through Fractal Audio AxeFxii. Thanks to D’addario strings and Pitbull strings dor their support.