A Tribute to Eddie Van Halen and Michael Jackson

Eddie was a musical pioneer for many guitarists and he will always be remembered with his passionate, smokey solos and his smiling face. On this bit of my multi instrumental cover series, I wanted to pay a tribute to the two legends of music. I don’t know if it is the covid lockdown, but I couldn’t stop myself having fun. I hope you like it, too.

Lead guitars are recorded with my long time custom six string through a Nux Cerberus.
Rhythm guitars are Yamaha D6 through Fractal Audio AxeFxii. Thanks to D’addario strings and Pitbull strings dor their support.

Hotel California Solo Cover

Here is my cover version of the solo parts for the legendary The Eagles song.
I remember how I kept asking around which pedal I should buy to get that sound when I was a beginner. At some point you realise that it’s not about the pedal :))

Having said that, it’s a Nux Cerberus and Sculpture 😉

I hope you share the fun 🙂
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Pink Floyd Solo Cover

In this video that I played all instruments again, I tried to imitate great David Gilmour’s playing. It must have been quite similar that Youtube popped up a copyright claim as soon as I uploaded the video :))
Hope you like it!
Guitars are recorded directly through a Nux Cerberus and Sculpture.

Bir de Benden Dinle: Guitar Experiment

This exciting project that we had recorded almost 3 years ago is finally live. I am honored to be a part of it with my very talented guitarist friends and I hope you like it.

I had recorded this piece with the most hated Fractal Audio AX8 which managed to be discontinued in a year or so. Now I’m a happy Nux Cerberus endorser but still use my AxeFx ii happily in the studio.

Ida Song

Here is my version of #idasong as a reply to dear @metinturkcan ‘s #challenge call against #climatechange And all lives matter !!
#climatecrisis #iklimdeğişikliği @heryerkazdaglari @sifirgelecek
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