Onur Özaydın – Yalan Yok

Onur Özaydın has been drawing attention lately for his role in a prime time TV series, Yargi and now he is taking another step as a singer/songwriter with his new single, Yalan Yok. As usual, I took care of the whole production and performed many of the instruments.

Onur Özaydın’s New Single

Sympathetic actor and writer of heart warming songs, Onur Özaydın is taking another step in his musical career with his second single which is again produced by me. This time, I had the privilege of releasing the song as his label.

To listen on Spotify:

To listen on Apple Music:


Bir de Benden Dinle: Guitar Experiment

This exciting project that we had recorded almost 3 years ago is finally live. I am honored to be a part of it with my very talented guitarist friends and I hope you like it.

I had recorded this piece with the most hated Fractal Audio AX8 which managed to be discontinued in a year or so. Now I’m a happy Nux Cerberus endorser but still use my AxeFx ii happily in the studio.

Nux Gear Review with Pedal Dunyasi

We have shot a 2 part video review for Nux Pedals with my friend Eyup Iblag for his Youtube channel, Pedal Dunyasi (World of Pedals). This first part covers the flagship multifx unit, Cerberus and Masamune compressor/Booster. The conversation is in Turkish but it might give you some idea about how the units sound like. May be you can convince him to provide some English subtitles if you leave some comments on the video ;))

Have fun.

My Little Wing Cover is Here

Here is my cover version of an unforgettable Jimi Hendrix song, Little Wing. I’ve played all instruments, recorded, mixed and mastered the song in my studio in Istanbul.

Thanks to Ferhat FIDAN and Serdar Emre UNSAL for their assitance during the drums recording session, and Bugra AKOZEK from Fabien Media for not liking the footage I recorded during the sessions with my phone and providing me a super clean video.

Lead guitars are recorded thru a Nux Cerberus directly connected to the preamp; no amps, no mics…Rhythm guitars are recorded thru an AxeFx ii.

I hope you like it. Please don’t forget to subscribe my website and Youtube channel.

Kutsal's new sIngle: Çukurun dIbInde

My long time friend who is living in Los Angeles and we collaborated back in 90’s has released a new single.

Lyrics: Kutsal
Music: Kutsal, Serdar Öztop
Arranging, guitars ve mixing: Serdar Öztop
Bass: Sunay Özgür
Drums: Cengiz Baysal
Mastering: Evren Göknar
Video Director: Edip Aral